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Environment Pollution and energy crisis become problem in indonesia. the problem because vehicle and industry in indonesia increase. If vehicle is increase so that use oil in indonesia is increased, system right now, government utilize waste oil is not good. so that we will change the system right now in to second option for utilize and manage waste oil from lubricant. result our discussion, waste oil from lubricant can be used as a fuel for society, industry and home industry.
this project of intended for manage waste oil become to alternative energy. and we are discussion for make burner design, so that can manage waste oil as a fuel. machine that we created just modify from another machine. the difference this machine is nozzle system on burner. nozzle that we make is simple design with use high pressure can mix air with fuel a perfectly, and the produce small smoke. before create the burner so we must know PEST analysis (politic, economic, social and technology). based of government regulation number 18 1999 year about waste oil, government support to utilize waste oil. from the economic side in indonesian, population growth and GDP is increased year by year, so that vehicle ownership too increase. with used waste oil as a fuel then can save environment dan to impact on social. and the technology side the burner can used as facility for utilize waste oil.
after get a support from PEST analysis so we believes for created the burner as a facility utilize waste oil and can be used as an alternative energy. the purpose of this project is as utilization waste oil that can be used on boiler machine. so that the result from boiler machine have  electricity product that can be utilized society, industry that used heat energy.

Indonesia is the 4th largest country. The population in Indonesia has increased from year to year. Based on the statistical data in 1990 to 2013 continue to rise. The condition is getting bad because of the increasing population.

Fig.1  Population of indonesia (source:

with the increase in population, vehicle use is increasing, primary in the working age. so the use of oil as a lubricant vehicles are increasingly required. Production of waste oil in indonesia is very over. lubricant oil from vehicle and industry is primary problem from waste oil. vehicle ownership continues to increase from year to year. below is a diagram of the use of oil from vehicles in Indonesia.

Fig.2 Vehicle ownership of indonesia (

diagram above shows vehicle ownership in Indonesia, Motorcycle ownership in Indonesia is the most widely. motorcycle ownership in 2012 reached 76.381.183 unit with oil capacity 0,8 Liter, car 10.432.259 unit with oil capacity 4 Liter, Truck 2.273.821 unit with oil capacity 16 Liter, and bus 5.286.061 unit with oil capacity 16 Liter. if the vehicle is assumed to change the oil every month, will get as much oil 358.0673.512 Liter/bulan. below is a diagram used oil expenditures from year to year.

Fig.3 Quantity used oil
increase in vehicles in Indonesia is not comparable to oil production. Indonesia in 2003 oil crisis. kerisis oil lasted until 2010. while industry in Indonesia also needs a lot of oil as lubrication. in Indonesia there is no machine that can process waste oil into the new oil. so the Indonesian government only storing oil in various places and selling oil in other countries.

Fig.4 crude oil production and consumtion in indonesia (Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013)

waste oil is a waste B3 type, because easy to flammable and destroy to environment. government give the rule for utilize waste oil. so waste oil from industry and vehicle must send waste oil to collector an approved by government. if they send waste oil to collector, so industry and vehicle must pay Rp. 200.000/drum  (source: observation in yogyakarta).
sometimes customer (industry and vehicle) dump waste oil to environment and river or sea. if customer dump the waste oil into the land,  the land will be barren and plant cannot growth. if castomor dump the waste oil into the river and sea, the water  can be destroy living thing. waste oil also has implications for humans as unhealthy, pollution, and poisoning if consumed by humans. below is an example of a problem in Indonesia.
March 29th, 2014
PT. Tenoo Indonesia
Jawa timur
Throw the river
Surya on line
February 07th, 2012
December 28th, 2009
PT. Timas Serang
FT. Sipil in environment (ITB)
October 13th, 2009
PT. Dry Dock Pertama
FT. Sipil in environment (ITB)

effects of waste oil
Damage to rice fields and river polluted
KORAN SINDO, Senin (27/10/2014).
warehouse in karawang aflame by waste oil
Indomoto, 19 Agustus 2014 by  Yoshi

The Government has supported and allowed to treat waste oil if it has a technology that can be used. So we intend to create a tool that can treat waste oil and We believe that waste oil not dangerous if the waste oil can be put to good use. the result of the discussion is  process waste oil into fuel. We are change the system right now in to the new system, so waste oil become  alternative energy.

B.   PEST Analysis
PEST analysis is a method to support the manufacture of machinery and techniques used in strategic management to look beyond the environmental factors
PEST are initial word of the following things
P   : Political Aspect
E   : Economical Aspect
S   : Social Aspect
T   : Technological Aspect

1.    Politic
based on Government Regulation No. 18 of 1999. There are 3-point support for utilize and manage waste oil. Article number 1 (general) is B3 Waste Management that consist of storage, collection, carriage, utilization, prossesing and hoarding. Article number 9 (Processing and development tenology) is Everyone have waste oil must manage and make technology and article number 42 (Place to manage) is Government give a permission to treat waste oil
conclusions from reading the above, the government has given permission and support to treat waste oil and create new technology, so it can be used by the community. we believe with the support given by the government will be able to our advantage to treat waste oil as fuel (heat energy)

2.    Economic
Of the Indonesian economy we recognize that Indonesia has the economic crisis. because Indonesia is currently still using gasoline, LPG ​​etc. for industrial as heat energy. while GDP in Indonesia from year to year increase. Figure 5 is an increase in GDP per capita in Indonesia

Fig.5 GDP per capita in indonesia (Source:

by using a burner to burn used oil facility, the community and industry can lower production costs. because when compared to fossil fuels, use of waste oil is more beneficial than the use of fossil. Becouse the lack of production  in crude oil, large consumption large consumption make  a price of crude oil is very expensive  and  waste oil quantity is over  production

3.    Social
increased population growth in Indonesia. in 2010 up to now the number of Indonesian population reached more than 2,300 million. we can analyze that the population have a possibility to grow even more in the future.

Fig.6  Population of indonesia (source:

The number of people making a lot of people have a vehicle. So the waste oil in Indonesia is getting overflowed. And the public has not been able to find out the advantages of waste oil. With the new technology available, we hope the community can create a new culture of environmental awareness around waste oil, so that people know the benefits of oil waste treatment. They can utilize waste oil for production home industry.

4.    Technology
Indonesian government has supported to manage waste oil and create new technology. The regulation issued by the government in article 9 about processing and develop technology
With the facilities we provide, the government can find a burner that can result in complete combustion. Burner we made different from the other burner. It uses fuel burner of used oil, while the burner is still used as a fossil fuel, for example gasoline, LPG, another a fuel
Waste oil that we use to do cracking prosess, because with this process will result in the burning of waste oil that is perfect and does not cause much pollution. We designed a nozzle that can mix waste oil and heat steam. Figure nozzle can be seen in the Figure number 7

Fig.7 Nozzle design

The second design is a burner. Burner that we made using the system as a mixture of water vapor from waste oil. Before supplying water vapor, mixing the use of the compressor as a mixing of waste oil. if the water vapor already have min 4 bar pressure, the supply of the compressor is stopped and replaced with the use of water vapor. Figure 8 is a burner design

Fig.8 burner design
Of all our analysis, especially from the aspect of technology, burner has a good potential and can produce great heat energy. And we found that the success of treatment of waste oil has been studies by other countries. And can be applied in Indonesia.
C.   Randering

Fig.9 the use of waste oil as a fuel for burner

D.   Result of Discussion
1.    From the data we get we discuss and get to the point that waste oil have potential energy to generate the heat energy. Because the energy from the fossil fuel etc will be out of stock and then the price more expensive for buying. If we don’t utilize something has a potential energy, someday Indonesia will get energy crisis problem.
2.    From the problem caused by the waste oil quantity increase we know that Indonesia has many potential of waste oil . But from the data we get, we know that the energy content is not more by fossil as fuel. And from analyze the data we get that waste oil energy content is the cheapest. We can use waste oil as fuel become heat energy.
3.    From analyze the design of burner machine we use the nozzle with variants hole to formation of fine particles (atomizer) and Improving air-fuel mixture ratio.
4.    the second design is burner with the air supplied by vaporizing water.

E.    Conclusion
Waste oil which is increasingly become a problem in indonesia, can be used as a fuel for burner, producing heat to provide energy. The technology need to be implemented to adjust the burner for this kind of fuel. It is also important to make it easer to operate and have a low production cost

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